Our Treatments

The rejuvenating and anti-ageing effects that you enjoy will continue to multiply with routine Emerald Treatments


Deluxe Emerald Treatment (45 mins)

6 Heart Chosen Emeralds

Heart Chosen Emeralds are placed on special points on your face to brighten up your face, reduce fine lines and improve and rejuvenate your skin. The soothing energy of the emeralds also work together to calm your mind.


Signature Emerald Treatment (45 mins)

10 Heart Chosen Emeralds

Our most popular treatment, Heart Chosen Emeralds are placed on special points on your face and body to rejuvenate and deeply cleanse your whole body.

The healing energy connects you to the Earth, relieves your mind, body and heart of any stress or tension, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed, radiant and refreshed.


Luxurious Healing Treatment (45 mins)

12 Heart Chosen Emeralds

In addition to the benefits of the Emerald Revitalization Signature Treatment, this treatment will also improve your energy circulation, balancing the meridian flow throughout your whole body between the upper and lower part of your body. 

Recommended for those who often sit for long hours.


Royal Healing Treatment (45 mins)

20 Heart ChosenEmeralds

A royal upgrade from the Luxurious Emerald Healing treatment, a total of 20 emeralds will be placed in placed on specific remedial points of your face and whole body.

This treatment penetrates your whole being deeply, rejuvenating your internal organs all the way to your skin’s surface, removing negativity, cleansing and rejuvenating your mind, body and soul for a longer-lasting clear result.