Our Emeralds


Emerald History

The Emerald has been called “The Jewel of Kings” and has been favored by royalty, aristocrats and nobles such as Cleopatra, Aristotle, Charles the Great, King Henry II, and Queen Elizabeth II. For centuries, it has been known that the emerald is a very special gem with exceptional abilities, including reversing the signs of aging, enhancing beauty, rejuvenating the body, mind and spirit, as well as promoting health and healing.

Heart Chosen Emeralds

The exceptional abilities of our emeralds lie in their natural rejuvenating and revitalizing energy. Though this energy cannot be seen, it can be clearly felt and its results are very distinctive. All of our outstanding emeralds are from Muzo, Colombia, the world’s source of premium emeralds. 

Each one has been carefully curated and chosen from the heart from ten of thousands of emeralds for their beautifying, rejuvenating, and healing energy.